Zombies game in C and Migrating to RAID1

Date: 25th July, 2012
Pre-meeting 6pm @ Muttis downstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC).
Meeting 7pm @ Muttis upstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC). [Take Tram 96]
Hosted By: Tim Rice and Nitin Sharma
Meeting Topic Zombies (an ncurses game written in C), Migration of / to RAID1 on existing system


Tim created a Zombie game to brush up on his C skills. In this talk he went through the game and the code.

Git repository

git clone https://github.com/cryptarch/zombies.git

Links mentioned in the talk.



RogueBasin has a nice 15 step how-to for building a roguelike game.

The second link is to a tutorial on ncurses in C:


RAID1 Migration