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Monday 30th Jan, 2017

Topic Speaker Slides
Weather logger Rick Miles weather_logger_slides
Arduino Makefile (lightening) Michael Pope arduino_makefile_slides][/sys/class/gpio/Parking Brake: Hacking my car][Rust 101][Making Night in the Woods Better with Open Source - Game under open source][Network Protocol Analysis for IoT Devices - Jonathan Oxer][I am your user. Why do you hate me? - Donna Benjamin][The dangerous, exquisite art of safely handing user-uploaded files - Tom Eastman][The Internet of Scary Things - tips to deploy and manage IoT safely - Christ Biggs][Are you a bad enough dude to take down your network? - Tom Cuthbert][The Internet of Houses: Whare Hauora - Brenda Wallace & Amber Craig][Sharing the love: making games with PICO-8 - John Dalton (PocketChip PICO-8 game programming)][Let's put wifi in everything. - Brenda Wallace][Porting Games To Linux - Cheese][Turtles all the way down - Thin LVM + KVM tips and Tricks - Steven Ellis][Lightweight inventory management with Pallet Jack - Karl-Johan Karlsson][JavaScript is Awe-ful - Katie McLaughlin

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