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tvconfig and raspberrypi

Date: 27th June, 2012
Pre-meeting 6pm @ Muttis downstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC).
Meeting 7pm @ Muttis upstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC). [Take Tram 96]
Hosted By: Michael Pope
Meeting Topic TV tuner config GUI & raspberryPI demo


tvconfig makes installing TV cards under Linux very easy.

I created it for many reasons;

  • Easy for non-technical people to install TV cards under Linux
  • Saves me time when I setup MythTV boxes for people
  • Nice and fast to use.

tvconfig slides

Checkout the project at:

Feel free to add any configurations you have and send me a pull request and I'll merge it into the live project.

Raspberry PI

Michael gave a short explanation of the RaspberryPI, what it's made of and how it works.

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