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Remastersys: Make your own livecd

Date: 28th August
Hosted By: Michael Pope

This is great for those wanting to keep a backup or create a distro. There are two ways to run remastersys.

Create a live cd with your system and data intact

remastersys backup

Create a distro with no data included

remastersys distro

Presentation notes: 20090828_mlug.pdf

Cool things

Every week from now on we will have the cool things of this month. Here are mine for this month.

Great reviews, tutorials and podcasts:

KleanSweep, clean disk easily, web:

SMPlayer - cool frontend to mplayer

Sockso music server, play your music over the internet great for parties,

Spicebird, email client which does much more than thunderbird, contact, calendar, tasks

Super Grub Disk, mini boot disk (400KB download), easy menu driven grub install/rescue.

The software distribution system that works differently. rootz mounts complete live distros over the web, and makes them available locally. rootz -

BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk

  • You need at least a 386 machine (fpu not neccessary) with 4 mb ram to run BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk.
  • Fits on floppy disk.

Blueproximity - locks up the screen when you walk away from your computer with a bluetooth enabled phone. Good from a security aspect. stuffed up, doesn't really unlock.

Made using Ruby on Rails - customise your own distro and try it out online.

Remastersys - Easy Live CDs for Ubuntu/Debian.

Ubuntu Customisation Kit- Even easier Live CD creation, Web:

  • Works by customising a ISO image so you don't need to setup a system to create your live cd's
  • Unpacks ISO and allows you to install software, then repacks the ISO

Wammu, manage your phone through linux the easy way.

Zile, cut down emacs for saving space.

open font library - share fonts (Like open clip art)

OpenClipart which is usable:

KDE 4.3 was released, which is just a polish of features.

Perl Audio Converter - - batch convert from one file format to another easier.

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