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Captive access point + discussions

Wednesday 29th January, 2014 @ 7pm (pre-meeting downstairs at 6pm)

La Spaghetteria Ristorante
Address: (upstairs) 132 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053
Phone:(03) 9663 4333
Directions from train station

Raspberry PI Captive access point

Cameron performed his talk on setting up a Raspberry PI a festival for mapping and information.

What I'd really like for next year's mark 3 version (I may need some help to do this, not sure):

  • Proper tile rendering using mapnik - so I can upload some changes to the raspberry pi's hosted GIS database and the appropriate changes will be rendered on the pi. - And support for pre-rendering a whole bunch of files on my desktop computer beforehand.
  • A weather forecast page that can scrape before being deployed somewhere offline for a week. - Openweathermap supports giving you a weather forecast given some coordinates in xml / json, both formats I know little about how to parse.
  • Some way to grab a feed from and render it as a layer on my leaflet based map (with something to specify to the user when that data was last updated).
  • Implement a tilt servo mechanism so the camera can be remotely adjusted up and down.
  • Mesh networking support would also be nice, and some way of syncing forum posts and GIS data across similarly equipped raspberry pis.

Timelapse taken with the system


Suggestion Volunteer Month
own services, aka: like ownCloud.
ansible Damien Butler May
getting off google services to own rig.
reproduce services onto a cheap rig, like dlink.
setting up mail server (librelist)
portable servers (debian, KVM, LVM, Raid)
secure gateways (DHCP, firewall, easy, policy based)
code of ethics
developer guidelines
peer review group
peer to peer secure chat
tor/like tor
nodejs servers
running web servers on phones
Arch Ben Kaiser Feb
SQL basic/tips and tricks Darren Feb
basic where to put things
FreeNAS, but like Dropbox replacement
Dropbox replacements
map reproduce
PostGIS Darren June
map renderings, pump out tiles
bluetooth proximity
robotics using JS
low power devices
slackbuild templates testing script.
android ROM
tiling window managers
4 camera wireless security system on a budget Michael Feb/Mar
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