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PXE Tricks

Date: Wednesday 29th June, 2011
Pre-meeting 6pm @ Muttis downstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC).
Meeting 7pm @ Muttis upstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC). [Take Tram 96]
Hosted By: Ed Chan
Workshop Topic PXE booting tricks (thin clients)

Ed took us through a two part presentation starting with tricks you can perform with PXE booting involving System Rescue CD. This included how you can control your computer remotely using a serial connector and the advantages of doing this and a live demo of creating a client which in turn becomes a PXE server to supply a PXE boot file to another diskless client.

The second part of Ed's talk showed us how to install CentOS over PXE and showed us some of the highlights of using kickstart to automate your CentOS installs. (FAI for debian is the same but more powerful as it includes perl and some hook ins to the install procedure).

Thanks Ed for your talk. Ed is on our mailing list and is happy to answer questions in relation to his talk.

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