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 {{:​workshops:​|}} {{:​workshops:​|}}
 +===== Amahi =====
 +Bruno described the best parts of Amahi. Mainly what distro to setup Amahi on;
 +| Fedora 13 | Everything worked and was free|
 +| *Fedora 14 | Paid services came in but free plugins still worked |
 +| Fedora 15 | Support for this version was skipped |
 +| Fedora 16 | Most free plugins didn't work any more and it's harder to get working |
 +* = Best choice
 +It should work on Ubuntu/​Debian systems as well. 
 +It's best for inhouse media streaming to TV's and PS3's. There is no transcoding with in this program you have to use a 3rd party plugin for that.
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