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Date: Wednesday 26th October, 2011
Pre-meeting 6pm @ Muttis downstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC).
Meeting 7pm @ Muttis upstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC). [Take Tram 96]
Hosted By: Cameron & Rich Healey
Workshop Topic Control your linux computer with WIIMOTES & OpenCOG


You can view my slides on prezi here:

Also, for those to whom I mentioned the mostly wrong history of programming, this might get you a giggle

Finally, Michael you might be interested to check out pentadactyl for firefox:

vimpc - mpd client

For those of you on Debian sid or testing you can use the psych0tik repo which has current builds for amd64 and currrentish builds for i386

deb sid main


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