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 |NanoPI M4|Michael Pope|{{ :​workshops:​20181029-nanopi_m4.pdf |slides}}| |NanoPI M4|Michael Pope|{{ :​workshops:​20181029-nanopi_m4.pdf |slides}}|
 |IP validation, IPtables, and GeoBlocking|Timothy Rice|| |IP validation, IPtables, and GeoBlocking|Timothy Rice||
 +===== IP Validation Notes =====
 +A couple of people asked to have a closer look at Cider, you can find it
 +If you're interested in the Hacker News article which opened my eyes to the
 +craziness of IP address parsing, you can find it here:
 +Note that the IPv4 spec acknowledges IP addresses in either octet-dot or
 +unsigned 32-bit integer form:
 +Thus, the abbreviations from that Hacker News article were not anticipated
 +and are completely implementation dependent. You can inspect how
 +implementations can differ by comparing the respective iptables and ipset
 +interpretations of 127.1/32
 +For a more recent example illustrating IP addresses in a form that seems
 +unconventional,​ these will all take you to a certain popular website:
 +To get started with ipset, this is the Arch Linux wiki article I referred
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