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-===== Help promote MLUG ===== 
-We are always after new and exciting ways to promote our group. ​ Currently we have the following: 
-  * Regular posts on of upcoming events 
-  * Facebook event/group 
-  * Website 
-  * Word of mouth. 
-  * Flyer, print this and post it up at your Work, University or tafe on their community board. 
-==== Our flyer. ==== 
-{{:​mlug-flyer.tar.bz2|Full Page printable flyer (3 per A4) and inkscape original file.}} 
-==== Web Page button ==== 
-If you would like to support MLUG please add this to your website: 
-<a href='​http://​'>​ 
-<img src='​http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php/​mlug_button.png'​ alt='​Melbourne Linux Users Group Button'​ border='​0'​ /> 
-If you would like to improve the mlug flyer or create some new way to promote MLUG please discuss this on our mailing list or IRC channel #mlug-au. 
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